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The Balthzar system was born in 2004 and has since then helped many companies improving their business. Our mission is through our knowledge and system to help companies to improve availability, performance and quality in their daily work. Since that start in 2004 we have spent thousands of hours developing our product. New functionality, easier to use, better system performance is included in our everyday work. Today our system is adding great value to customers both in Sweden and  also to many customers all over Europe. Up until today we have delivered the system to more than 100 companies. The system was already from the beginning designed with multi language and multi time-zone support. The system supports both cloud-based delivery as well as local installations. 

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Collect, Monitor, Analyze and Improve...

  • Collect
    -Balthzar Collector will automatically get all data from your machines
  • Easy operate
    -Use Balthzar eTouch as your single shop floor tool. All information is one place
  • Shedule tasks
    -Use Balthzar Sheduler to schdule taska as report running and distribution and also
    scheduling of internal activities like quality control and operator maintenance.
  • Monitor
    -Balthzar client will give real-time data at your fingertis.
  • Visualize
    -Use Balthzar Dashboard to visualize real-time information
  • Integrate
    -Balthzar ERP will integrate with a number of different ERP systems.
  • Analyze and improve
    -Balthzar Client will give you powerful reports for improvement actions
  • Process control and loging of process data
    -Apart from beeing a great tool for OEE analysis, Balthzar OPC-connect  will enable
    the system to be able to log process values down to every 50 ms  from OPC-servers

Monitor in real-time

​​​​​​​Balthzar Client is the perfect tool to get the full picture of your whole factory. This is the perfect starting point for production monitoring and optimization. It will integrate information from Balthzar with information from your ERP system and other data sources. A full history of your machines performance per minute, hour, day, week, shift, part, workorder , tool and more in an endless combination. A full overview and every detail in the same tool.

Shop floor control/MES

Balthzar eTouch is the best operator companion. The tool will give the operator full control over his machine and it's performance. Balthzar eTouch is supposed to be a self-instructive tool that will require minimum of training. Reminders and alarms will ensure that scheduled task will be performed on time. Full integration with the ERP-system gives the operator control over the current production order as well as planned orders. Add-on modules as process logging, Internal activities, document handling can be enabled 


Both Balthzar Client and Balthzat eTouch  has reporting capabilities. For Balthzar eTouch these are mostly on-screen quick reports. Balthzar Client has extended reporting capabilities with "quick-reports" on screen, manual or scheduled reports to screen, email or paper  as well as customized sql query based pivot/graphs.

Digital Signage on public displays

Apart from data distrubution in reports and graphs you can also create advanced public displays in your factory where you public all kind of information. Data can come from the Balthzar system as well as from the ERP system and other data sources. Balthzar Dashboard today supports over 20 different symbol objects  that can be placed freely on any location on the screen in any size. Created screens can be combined in slide shows.  Balthzar Dashboard can also export data to other Digital Signage software packages.


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